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It's just inactive and people still get matched with you. I think however it is not a bad way to meet a few genuine people. Definitely the number one way as a professional woman in your 30s to meet a decent quantity of people. The real issues is that this company makes it virtually impossible to cancel your subscription.

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None of the information could even come close to be regarded as inappropriate or breaking any rules.Once you sign up Auto renew is automatically on, they say they make that clear when they don't.After eating a few months with no good matches you assume that's it then BAM money starts coming out again. Most people are on multiple dating sites and you can probably find your love elsewhere for free.The customer service division has been exceptional and very efficient and helpful. Eharmony DOES NOT guarantee the quality or quantity of matches, nor whether 'members' presented are even active.This is a very professional site and their aim is to find a compatible partner for you. Further, Eharmony customer service reps WILL NOT confirm or deny that matches are not 'bots' or Eharmony staff impersonating actual members.

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