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This tool helps set up a schedule to start/stop the recording activities or create a new recording automatically after a certain period.As long as you preset your task, just leave the rest to Webcam/Screen Video Capture Free, without the need for supervision.Webcam/Screen Video Capture Free enables you to choose the video and audio codecs in your computer, containing detailed settings, to help get the highest recording quality for the source video file.If the recording fails because the compressor is not suitable, the program will show error & warning info to remind you to choose the proper one.The text overlay is helpful to add text such as song lyrics, titles, menu, and descriptions to the live video content.The image overlay function helps add overlay image like your own company logo, watermark and so on to make your recordings and learning content look unique, more importantly, to protect them from unauthorized use.

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It is available to set the number of frames to take or to skip between each capture.

Meanwhile, you can adjust the height and width of captured frames as well as zoom the size.

Adding text/image overlay on the video recording is useful to copyright your video, add your logo on the screen recording, add date and time and so forth.

Webcam/Screen Video Capture Free comes with multiple (up to 10) images/text overlays to apply onto one video file.

Webcam/Screen Video Capture Free lets you add overlay text – simple or animated – to your video recording.

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