Benzino and karlie dating

Karlie is worried about her movie career, her music career, her television career.

I just don’t think that she has enough time and love to give to somebody because she’s too worried about herself.

Well, it looks like Karlie has decided to shake the table and get even with her former flame…According to social media, Karlie Redd posted “explicit” photos and a side by side comparison of Benzino and Yung Jocc’s “man parts.” Keep in mind that Karlie claims she is dating Yung Joc even though some seem to think the relationship is just for the cameras.

Either way, Karlie posted the side by side comparison photo of their “man parts” on Instagram before quickly deleting it after she got called out for perhaps being a little too old for these antics.

Sloppy on-screen kiss and fake tears aside, most fans are wondering how they’ve gone from meeting in the parking lot to having an at-home date in matching clothes to getting a house key in the span of a week.

Thankfully, Benzino did an interview with The Breakfast Club to help us get at least a little bit of a better understanding. He had already went to the casting…I went on the show originally to give him some advice (in the car).

Cameras were filming at the opening of Stevie J and Benzino’s new club “Sleazy & Zino’s Bistro & Bar,” so it shouldn’t shock anyone when the angry birds got to squawking and flapping.

Although Benzino denied any bird behavior at the grand opening, he decided to fire shots at Karlie while defending his new girlfriend.

Vivid Entertainment recently sent Redd a letter offering her 25k and maybe more if she agrees to shoot two scenes. The offer came after Karlie posted multiple pictures of herself “showing off her assets”. Their Instagram accounts are used as an advertising platform for the brands they’ve endorsed.I’m sure one day she’s going to have to slow down and find love because I think everybody on this earth needs at one point to slow down and find love.If not, she should just continue to love herself and keep it moving.In 2009, Redd said she was 29 which would make her 35 now. And Redd’s ex-boyfriend, record producer Benzino says she is older than she claims.However, according to her bio on Wikipedia, she’s 37. In an interview, Benzino said that Redd has a grown daughter. Whatever her age is, She’s proud of what she has and isn’t afraid to show it. After dating musicians for quite a while now, Redd finally dropped her own songs.

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