Identity theft through online dating Free nude chatrooms

The man had claimed to be a civil engineer from Washington State.

Hodge ultimately convinced Kathy to wire him ,000 to a bank account in Malaysia.

Likewise, if a facsimile or telephone call is received, it will closely mimic a legitimate request.In one case, a California man, Tim, signed up for an online dating service after his mother passed away last year. victim company located in Beverly Hills did not lose money.The man had promised his mother that he would “find a good woman.” Within a short period of time, Tim found himself targeted by a romance scammer. Tim’s cooperation led to the arrest on state charges of a money mule in the state of Georgia.Users of dating sites regularly put their privacy and security at risk, according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.The nonprofit organization recently scrutinized eight online dating sites and concluded that most of them failed to employ basic security measures.

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