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Patti’s talent is so obvious to us as viewers that it is only a matter of time until everyone else in the film will notice it too. However, that doesn’t lessen the magic at all when she begins to rap. This is the story of a same-sex love affair between a young farmer and a Romanian migrant worker.

Writer-director Francis Lee knows his world from the inside.

Johnny’s long-suffering grandmother (Gemma Jones) tries to keep the household together, but there’s too much work for all of them.

The filmmakers go out of their way to emphasise Patti’s underdog status.

One of our first glimpses of her is of her brushing her teeth. She may fantasise about sharing the wealth, power and adulation enjoyed by her favourite hip hop artists, but everything about her life is oppressive. She is a rapper with an ability to improvise quickfire rhymes that puts Eminem to shame.

That is why they hire Gheorghe (Alec Secareanu), the Romanian.

They house him in a dilapidated caravan and Johnny taunts him, calling him a “gypo”.

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