Spiritual mature dating

I’ve been on the receiving end of that conversation many many times, because, well, our church reaches a lot of people who ordinarily don’t show up at church.

Before I outline the list, please know I’m not claiming to be ‘mature’.

And most of you would label me an unfit dad if I disciplined Micah because he didn’t understand something he wasn’t capable of processing. But we must journey on the road to maturity, and while we journey there are marks that help us determine where we are. What makes roller coasters awesome is the constant rise and fall. I have seen too many people live for the mountaintop experience. Mature Christians, however, do not allow the highs and lows of life to impact their walk with God. Oh, yes, they celebrate the mountaintop moments, but they do not rely on those moments to sustain their faith. It is an exhausting mentality where someone lives every day waiting for the next big thing. And as long as God’s got this, there is no reason to freak out.

At the same time, I hold Noah to a higher standard than Micah because Noah is older. I don’t expect Micah to be on Noah’s maturity level, but I also don’t expect Noah to be on Micah’s maturity level. ” Those accomplishments are impressive, but they aren’t necessarily marks of a spiritually mature person. We love the i Phone…until the next year when the new one comes out that is basically the same phone. Similarly, so many people love their church or situation in life…until the church down the road is doing new awesome stuff or until their current situation loses its luster.

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These are non-negotiable for spiritual maturity and continued intimacy with God. Today, Micah found a Cheerio under the couch, put it in his mouth, and screamed, “I did it, mommy.” Micah was ecstatic he found a Cheerio and ate it by himself.

There is a maturation journey we embark on from our first breath on this earth until our last. Remember, the Pharisees knew a lot of Scripture and had a trophy room full of achievements. But many guys who pass the eye test aren’t good football players. So, understand the following markers aren’t a checklist. When nothing “awesome” is happening, many Christians leave or give up.

And there are markers along the way to help us determine if we are ahead of the curve or behind it. There are people who “look the part.” In football, this is called “passing the eye test.” Tall. Similarly, there are many Christians who “pass the eye test.” But this isn’t an indication of spiritual maturity. They believe every day is supposed to be a day when God rocks the world. Are the acts carried out by ISIS and other terror organizations awful? But mature Christians don’t allow the latest buzz on the news to derail their lives. But they don’t allow a second of their day to be wasted on conspiracy theories or sensationalized new stories.

To do otherwise puts us on the same ground as another religious group Jesus had strong views against.

(Here’s a list of the Top 10 Things Pharisees say today.) And it was never about what you know or don’t know, but about what God knows and who God loves. And ultimately God’s decision on his heartbreak was addressed in Jesus who came, as our favourite but often totally-missed-the-point verse tells us, God so the world and gave himself up for it not to condemn it but to save it.

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