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On Tuesday, Third Man and Nonesuch Records will release “The Party Ain’t Over,” Ms.

Jackson’s first studio album in eight years and the first produced by a paragon of contemporary rock: Jack White. White playing guitar, is largely retro, a collection of covers recorded live with a 12-piece band. Jackson to a new audience, affording her a level of attention that’s closer to her more famous contemporaries like Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash, all of whom she performed with.

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Jackson suggested an Elvis tune, “Like a Baby,” and they both loved “Teach Me Tonight,” recorded by the Cuban-born De Castro Sisters. White offered made his singer balk — Amy Winehouse’s “You Know That I’m No Good.” Some of the raunchy lyrics were too much for Ms. “Making an album of rockabilly covers would’ve been too easy and boring,” he said. “She was cool before they had a name for it.”) Did she ever wish she’d had as much fame early in her career as her contemporaries? But, she added, “I have more celebrity status now than I ever had in my life, and I appreciate it more.As she allowed, winkingly, at the Knitting Factory show, “No wonder I have a bad-girl reputation.” Terry Stewart, the president and chief executive of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, said, “She’s still working sort of a wildcat sound, and she had it as a young lady, which was pretty much unheard of at the time.” Vouched for by the likes of Elvis Costello and Bruce Springsteen, Ms.Jackson was inducted in 2009 as an early influencer, and she will be a spokeswoman for the museum’s “Women in Rock” exhibition, opening in May.“She’s influential to every modern female singer, whether they know about her or not,” Mr. “She broke down those walls in the beginning, when it was the hardest to do.” Since she was discovered at 15 in Oklahoma City, Ms.Jackson’s career has been etched by men: Hank Thompson, the country star who got her signed after hearing her on local radio; Elvis, who encouraged her to wield her singular voice — a graveled purr — in rock instead of country; Wendell Goodman, her husband of 50 years, her tour manager and constant companion; and now Mr. But through it all she has become a shimmying emblem of female independence in a male-dominated industry, testing boundaries with her forward style and lyrics about mean men and hard-headed women (and those are the love songs).

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