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Mc Gowan, Jr., Atlanta, Georgia, USA Tom Marrie, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Philip P. Wilson, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA 00 Emerging Infectious Diseases is printed on acid-free paper that meets the requirements of ANSI/NISO 239.48-1992 (Permanence of Paper) Emerging Infectious Diseases • gov/eid • Vol. Japan, 20th Century, Ink and paper (Overall 23.5 cm x 30.2 cm; image 14.6 cm x 9.8 cm; card 14.6 cm x 9.8 cm) Pacific Asia Museum, Pasadena, Caiifornia, USA, Gift of Eieanor L. 1550 Hepatitis E, a Vaccine-Preventabie Cause of Maternai Deaths 1401 A. Research Medscape EDUCATION^ ACTIVITY Effectiveness and Timing of Vaccination during Schooi Measies Outbreak 1405 ■’ A. Trends in Meningococcal Disease in the United States Military, 1971-2010 1430 M. Prevention and Control of Fish-borne Zoonotic Trematodes in Fish Nurseries, Vietnam 1438 J. Reducing numbers of snails and trematode eggs In nursery ponds lowered trematode transmission among fish. 9, September 2012 Dispatches 1461 Multiple Synchronous Outbreaks of Puumala Virus, Germany, 2010 J. 1465 MRSA Harboring mec A Variant Gene mec C, France F. 1468 Prevalence of Oral Human Papillomavirus Infection among Youth, Sweden J. 1472 Demographic Shift of Influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 during and after Pandemic, Rural India S. W e sometimes remark that hepatitis E is so neglected that it fails to make the short list of neglected tropical diseases (7). An earlier community trial had been forcibly terminated because political opposition claimed the vaccine would be unaffordable to populations in which the vaccine was to be tested (76). Surveillance for Influenza Viruses in Poultry and Swine, West Africa, 2006-2008 1446 E. West Africa might be an animal Influenza-free zone. Restricted fluoroquinolone use In humans and food animals has resulted In low rates of resistance in human pathogens. Since the identification of hepatitis E virus (HEV) as a distinct viral agent in 1983 (2) and its subsequent cloning and sequencing in 1990-1991 (d), much has been learned about the still-perplexing epidemiology of this virus, which is now the leading cause of acute viral hepatitis globally (4). Ultimately, this vaccine showed an efficacy of 88.5% after the first dose, which increased to 95.5% after 3 doses ( 13 ). “I think what she is doing and how she is doing this trial is admirable.It will send a message that sexual harassment is not OK in any form.” “What else is there to do on a Tuesday,” said Matt Frickel, 28.Given the years of commercial inactivity after the determination of efficacy of previous HEV vaccines, the fact that an HEV vaccine may soon be commercially available in 1 HEV-endemic country is a major milestone on the road toward protecting vulnerable women in disease- endemic areas from HEV infection, fetal loss, and neonatal death or even maternal deaths. Measles outbreak linked to a minority group in Austria, 2008. Physicians should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity. Respiratory ill- ness associated with influenza and respiratory syncytial virus in- fection. 2005;1-6. adc.2004.063461 Address for correspondence: Kenneth M. When, 6 months earlier, the owner had noticed the mass, it was =1 cm in diameter, firm, raised, and covered with hair. To further underscore the urgency of action in this domain, we now highlight some findings from our ongoing work within the Ji Vit A Maternal and Child Health and Nutrition Research Site in Gaibandha, Bangladesh. 9, September 2012 Vaccination During School Measles Outbreak 30. Severity of measles among pa- tients with incidental postexposure vaccination. All other clinicians completing this activity will be issued a certificate of participation. Zangwill, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, 1124 W Carson St, Torrance, CA 90502, USA; email: [email protected] opinions expressed by authors contributing to this journal do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the institutions with which the authors are affiliated. Table of Contents Podcasts Ahead of Print Articles Malscape CME” Specialized Content Online subscription: gov/ncidod/eid/Emerging Infectious Diseases • gov/eid • Vol. 9, September 2012 1421 RESEARCH Evaluation of Immigrant Tuberculosis Screening in Industrialized Countries Manish Pareek, lacopo Baussano, Ibrahim Abubakar, Christopher Dye, and Ajit Lalvani In industrialized countries, tuberculosis (TB) cases are concentrated among immigrants and driven by reactivation of imported latent TB infection (LTBI). Three months later, the ear was unchanged, and the mare was successfully impregnated. HEV 239 was tested in a randomized, controlled trial involving 112,604 participants in Jiangsu Province, where genotypes 3 and 4 are predominant. Suankratay C, Suwanpimolkul G, Wilde H, Siriyasatien R Autochthonous visceral leishmaniasis in a human immunodeficien- cy virus (Hl V)-infected patient: the first in Thailand and review of the literature.

In 2005, researchers at Xiamen University in Fujian, China, began working on a new recombinant HEV vaccine to address growing concerns about the increasing regional incidence of HEV infections. Leishmaniasis disseminated by Leishmania braziliensis in a mare {Equus caballus): immunotherapy and chemotherapy assays. “I have always been really interested in journalism and law,” said Claire Beckman, 18.“I wanted to come and watch and learn.” By going to court, Swift is sending a message that grabbing a woman without her permission is wrong, Beckman said.The details of this field site and these research activities have been reported ( 28 , 29 ). Superspreading and the effect of individual variation on disease emergence. Snarey, MA, Technical Writer/Editor, Emerging Infectious Diseases. Snarey, MA, has disclosed no relevant financial relationships. Vega, MD, Health Sciences Clinical Professor; Residency Director, Department of Family Medicine, University of California, Irvine. Vega, MD, has disclosed no relevant financial relationships. LTBI screening was conducted in 11/16 countries by using the tuberculin skin test. Ali IKM, Hossain MB, Roy S, Ayeh- Kumi PF, Petri WA, Haque R, et al. Flistologic Emerging Infectious Diseases • gov/eid • Vol. 9, September 2012 1545 LETTERS study showed that the dermis was hyperplastic and diffusely infiltrated with neutrophils, macrophages, and lymphocytes (online Technical Appendix Figure 1, gov/ EID/article/18/9/12-0184-Techapp. Numerous intracytoplasmic protozoal organisms with a small nucleoid and smaller kinetoplast most consistent with Leishmania sp. The mass on the internal aspect of the pinna was 6 cm x 3 cm and ulcerated, and 3 new firm 1 cm- diameter nodules were observed on the outer pinna of the same ear. Author affiliations: University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, USA (S. Study activities were reviewed and approved by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Committee on Human Research and by the Bangladesh Medical Research Council. Authors Disclosures: Vini Vijayan, MD; and Jennie Jing, MS, have disclosed no relevant financial relationships. Six countries used interferon-y release assays, primarily to confirm positive tuberculin skin test results. Entamoeba moshkovskii infections in children, Bangladesh. Multiple soft, less-defined, 1 cm to 3 cm- diameter nodules were observed along both sides of the neck, shoulders, and withers.

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