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I'd love a more natural way to clean the kettle but the thought of vinegar flavoured coffee is rather offputting!!!!

Absolute nonsense The only way to build up your immune system is to expose yourself to bugs.

absolutly agrre, I said something similar in a thread about this some weeks ago.

The study found that each group were as likely as each other to get ill or have tummy bugs - proving that the anti-bac sprays do not prevent illness.

The researcher said that there was also some evidence that using anti-bac sprays and nuking every bacteria is leading to bacteria mutating and causing strains which cannot be treated by antibiotics, like MRSA.

Basically it's proven that the gold standard for hygiene is to use soap and hot water Sprays and hand rubs don't decontaminate hands properly and don't get rid of bugs like C-Diff and Norovirus.

They are especially useless if hands are visibly soiled I'd save your money and go back to good old fashioned soap and hot water There is no evidence that using anti-bac is any better than washing with hot water and washing up liquid though.

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