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“I do think that it should be eliminated,” he said, according to NBC News.

Although Gore was in favor of the Electoral College in spite of his loss in the 2000 presidential election to President George W.

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In the wake of the 2016 presidential election, former Vice President Al Gore said he now believes the Electoral College should be eliminated, marking a reversal of opinion for the one-time presidential candidate who famously lost in it while winning the popular vote.

He has now succeeded, Gore said triumphantly during our interview. I have felt it is a personal failure on my part.” He often seems bemused by the visceral hate he engenders for telling people things they don’t want to hear. He said he has spent time consulting “neuroscientists and behavioural psychologists” and has concluded that humans “have an innate need to feel things are basically fine”. He doesn’t quite answer, but wonders whether Americans who once felt secure that there was no problem from climate change will soon flip to feeling secure that the problem they once denied is being fixed.

But for a man who has tasked himself with teaching others how to communicate about climate change, Gore sounds almost humble about his failure to convince his fellow Americans. Maybe that explains his more optimistic tone these days. The narrative arc of the film is from Gore’s wilderness years – fighting the deniers and taking a long march to turn the tide – through to tasting victory in Paris.

In the run-up to the conference, India is the barrier to a deal. In perhaps the only jarring note in the film, a bit of cheap editing suggests that by fixing a final-hours deal to give India access to American solar-energy technology Gore breaks the deadlock and saves the conference.

I don’t know any other way.” Was he implicitly criticising George W.

“The train has left the station,” he said in London this week.

After a quarter of a century of being seen as a climate doom-monger, he says that we are on the way to fixing global warming.

Gore is watching global warming being fast-tracked into sea level rise. He gets a certain pleasure out of going to the scene of the “hanging chads” (the not-quite-punched holes in ballot cards) that deprived him of the presidency in 2000, and musing on how the state’s governor continues to deny that the rising tides are caused by climate change. In one of the film’s most compelling sections, he goes to the city of Tacloban in the Philippines, which was hit in 2013 by typhoon Haiyan and more than 6000 people died.

The city’s mayor shows him frantic footage of his staff scrambling onto the roof of a municipal building as it filled with water.

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