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The plan is that eventually improvements and changes that were implemented here will find its way to Grasshopper’s version of Bumblebee and they will become one. Of course you can get Bumblebee from Package Manager and unlike my previously developed Mantis Shrimp there is no tricks to getting it installed.It will automatically drop a handful of components to your packages folder in Dynamo directory.GODAN Action activities under the Standards focal area in year 1 focused on weather data standards, with special attention to those relevant for use in farm management systems.The cycle of activities went from surveying existing data standards to identifying gaps and challenges in their use and finally recommending actions...APAN meeting, which is taking place this week in Delhi.

For those of you that use Excel extensively you know that you can really quickly use formatting styles to highlight certain aspects of your data sets.The chairman of Microsoft India spoke of a 4th Industrial revolution.Networks, connectivity and cloud data centers will be the core of this digital revolution, in which India will take the lead in developing from a data port to a data rich country.For specific instructions on how to use each one of the components and what is possible to achieve with each one of them you can refer to Bumblebee Primer: BB Primer To download Bumble Bee from Package Manager just search for it by name: Here’s an example of Bumblebee in action: Most basic functionality that Bumblebee (BB) will support is reading Excel files.It allows for reading either an entire document or a specific range from it.

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