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They are not spending millions and millions of dollars getting into tech careers.This is likely because Google is an organization made of humans, and the majority of humans view men and boys as function objects who should be able to solve problems on their own.By day, she works for a metal fabrication engineering firm and at night, runs a media production and web development company. If you ask her what kind of feminist she is, she’ll ask you, “What kind of feminist was Grace Hopper?

Today, I’ll be explore how very smart, very logical, very rational people can sometimes believe things and ignore contrary evidence if they find its implications distasteful.

Googlers are likely smarter than you, understand logic better than you, are more technical and better educated than you.

This isn’t necessarily a reflection on you as an individual, it’s just to say that as a distribution of individuals, Googlers tend to share these attributes in greater quantity than the general public.

I find it interesting that none of these articles linked to the actual research he was citing.

Below we’ll post his entire article, including links to the scientific research he references.

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