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Indeed, INA §204(c) imposed a lifetime bar to a new petition being approved on behalf of a beneficiary who was previously involved in marriage fraud.

The immigration authorities do not require definitive proof of consummation, and proof of the two parties being together physically after the celebration of their proxy marriage, along with a statement affirming consummation, ought to suffice.

In fact, non-proxy marriages do not require consummation to satisfy the bona fide marriage test. 663 (BIA 1968), the fact that an elderly couple lived in separate bedrooms and had not engaged in sexual intercourse did not preclude the demonstration of a bona fide marriage. The advent of increasingly sophisticated internet-based technologies have changed the way we live and work, and the law has yet to catch up. Even if one argues that a Skype marriage may have all the trappings of a marriage where the parties are physically in each other’s presence (and can also be intimate via video), it is doubtful whether Congress will be in a mood to change the law to make it easier for such marriages to be recognized for immigration purposes.

Also, a marriage would still be considered bona fide even though it is no longer viable because the couple have separated as a result of marital discord. For example, telecommuting employees were unheard of before the internet, and I have commented on how existing H-1B visa rules defining a worksite have not been able to cope with this trend in LCAs in the Age of Telecommuting. There is too much of a concern for fraud, and such proxy marriages could also involve forced marriages of women and children without their consent.

Moussa’s claim depended on whether his father was married to his non-citizen mother or not at the time of the father’s naturalization.

This student didn’t get a Pell Grant, so instead she’s been roped into taking a Repellent Grant.

Several of the senior professors in my department, including the chair, have attitudes toward women that are downright sexist.

On a number of occasions I have heard these faculty members make comments about the physical appearance of young women that are inappropriate and creepy.

She said she does not want to tell anyone else, partly for fear of getting in trouble because prostitution is illegal, but also because the two professors are essentially paying her college tuition in exchange for her services.

I feel this is an extreme ethical violation, and judging by the character of the two professors probably only the tip of the iceberg.

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