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In order to effect an emptying of the colon, water enemas have previously been employed wherein large quantities of water, often containing various additives, are introduced into the colon to induce its emptying, the contents of the colon being expelled in the form of a suspension.

However, in the last few years it has been found that the introduction of too large a quantity of water in enemas may be injurious and cases of so-called water poisoning, particularly in the field of child nursing, have been reported in the professional press.

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(See, for example, Lancet, 1959:1/7072, pages 559560, Hazard of Water Enemas.) It may further be mentioned that in connection with such X-ray investigations of the urinary tract, which are based on the excretion of contrast agents, any supply of water to the body may result in the dilution of the contrast agents, and for this reason the supply of liquids should be as small as possible.

In view of these hazards and disadvantages small enemas of a hypertonic aqueous solution of sodium phosphate are sometimes substituted for the large water enemas, the effect of these small enemas being based on an increase of the crystalloid osmotic pressure in the colon.

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