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As such, the year 10000 is interpretted as the year 2000; 10086 as 2006, 13867 as 2007, etc strtotime() also returns time by year and weeknumber.

(I use PHP 5.2.8, PHP 4 does not support it.) Queries can be in two forms: - "yyyy Www", where yyyy is 4-digit year, W is literal and ww is 2-digit weeknumber.

It will give non-intuitive results on Jan 30th and 31st.

As described at : the above, using "next month" on January 31 will output "March" even though you might want it to output "February". "last month", "-1 month" are similarly affected, but the results would be seen at beginning of March.)The way to get what people would generally be looking for when they say "next month" even on Jan 30 and Jan 31 is to use "first day of next month": For negative UNIX timestamps, strtotime seems to return the literal you passed in, or it may try to deduct the number of seconds from today's date. Therefore strtotime('@-1000') returns 1000 seconds before the epoch. You are not restricted to the same date ranges when running PHP on a 64-bit machine.

If you're Australian (or European), you think it's 11 December, 2010.

It appears to use only the last digit in the year field.

Returns timestamp for first day of week (for me Monday) - "yyyy-Www-d", where yyyy is 4-digit year, W is literal, ww is 2-digit weeknumber and dd is day of week (1 for Monday, 7 for Sunday) I was having trouble parsing Apache log files that consisted of a time entry (denoted by %t for Apache configuration).

An example Apache-date looks like: [21/Dec/ -0500]Apache claims this to be a 'standard english format' time. I came up with this function to assist in parsing this peculiar format.

You will also need: Information about candidates reaches the central office of Rossotrudnichestvo in Moscow, after this Ministry of Education of Russia receives it and adds to the information base

After registration applicants receive an ID which allows them to access the information system and track the application status.

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