Dating site similar to tagged one dating magazine

They post over and over how they're hungry and want food or need a ride.

As well as fat women posting pictures of thier vag. Of course out os 300 million people on it you cannot expect not to run into scammers, men posing as women, 50 year olds with movie star profiles etc.because you will find nothing but black people on there.I don't have anything against black people, im just warning you.Also had to Alert my work I was being stalked by this creep for nearly two months. Filled with lots of men especially black men post weed,guns,men expose private parts tagged does nothing.They have guys who prey on females begging for sex desperate,men with bad teeth no car,no job,6 kids 6 moms run run...many of them telling you stories of how they have no job,living in a car bs straight up bums even men in 49s,50s just crazy hope it shuts down,who post drugs,guns in the status? tagged men.heard it all..i deleted my page its just nasty.

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