Do women over 50 enjoy sex chat

There are no signs of decreased libido or an inability, or unwillingness, to try new things - although I am done with acrobatic sex. The only real downside is that it’s taken me so long to get here. And maybe there should be - we need to cultivate our curiosity about sex as a lifelong study.I just don’t buy into the myth that I’m too old for sex. The same goes for our excitement, our willingness to try something new, to step close to the edge.The boobs are no longer perky and I bear the stretch marks of two pregnancies.But what you may not see reflected in my body is my sexual energy and confidence. Women who understand the concept of giving and receiving.Also, make sure that foreplay is long and arousing to encourage natural lubrication.Plus, keep having sex for as long as you want it - so you don't'lose it' because you don't 'use it', whether that's with partner sex or pleasuring yourself."Can sex games still be fun as a pensioner? With the improvements in health care, nowadays the average sixty-year-old is just as fit and just as eager as a forty-year-old was in previous generations.If you’re just looking for firm and thin you’ll miss the divine sexiness I radiate. And, certainly if you come closer, buy me a drink, and engage in a little flirtation, you’ll find an unexpected surprise. Women who know how to stroke egos and give great blowjobs. I’ve had sex with more than a few men, failed to always use safe practices while preaching about the necessity of such, and occasionally agreed to sex even when I knew it would be less than satisfactory. I wish I had been more enlightened about my sexuality when I was younger.

My motto - for teens and pensioners alike - is to 'make friends before you make love'.

Plus they are likely to have much more knowledge about sex to add to their many decades of experience."How would you approach sex with a new partner, as an older person?

Susan said: "Older people are often nervous of having sex with a new partner - sometimes because they have been in one relationship for a long while and feel they have become limited in what they do."What's often forgotten is that while swinging from the chandeliers is wonderful, what most of us - old or young - are looking for in sex is a sense of connection with another person.

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