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], woah Oh, oh, oh Ten times, ten times I said Ring me as it's on my mind Our fears get magnified And my fault is only natural [Chorus] But I get emotional No [?

] And I get emotional But I'm not supposed to let it show But I get emotional No [?

Slick but with minimal production, Anjulie breaks down the barriers between races, backgrounds, creeds, cultures and statuses, weaving together thunderous songwriting and a feathery, supernatural vocal. My time might be fleeting, but I'm not gon' to give up easy.

"I got this rose in my pocket," she braids on the opening lyric. I got this song that I'm singing but my hope is sinking. No, come on save me from this place." Listen below: READ MORE ABOUT MUSIC...

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[Verse 1] Getting lost, don't know what side In my mind where no one can go Think I'm losing my cool, woah [Pre-Chorus] Oh, oh, oh On my way off the rails, I Don't pretend like I'm perfect too As I fear [?Canadian singer and songwriter known for her self-titled album, which was released in 2009.She's also known for writing hit songs with various artists, including Kreesha Turner's "Don't Call Me Baby" and Nicki Minaj's "The Boys." She started writing music as a young teen, in part to deal with the isolation that came from discrimination for her mixed heritage.And on and on it goes, on an alluring coming out of a record as hints of Laura Nyro, Regina Spektor, Beyoncé, and even Ben Folds sneak into the chilled mix.Anjulie is produced by her songwriting partner Jon Levine, ex-Philosopher Kings, the underappreciated '90s alternative soulsters whose ultra-slick R&B went down like silken chocolate, and the LP's smooth sound certainly echoes that of his old mates.

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