Dating cgi script

(To use the CLI, you will need SSH access to the web server as well as a command line text editor.) Note: Your web host may provide a feature called unnecessary for your website.

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When the browser requests this document from a web server, the server parses it and returns the result (see Figure 6-1).It seems like a lot of work to go through the trouble of writing a full-fledged application in order to display a single piece of dynamic information such as the current date and time, file modification time, or the user's IP address, in an otherwise static document.Fortunately, there is a tool included with most web servers called .Can someone tell me how to configure WSAPI, CGILua, Kepler or maybe another Lua CGI library to do that ?Ideally I would just drop a cgi looking like the following along with some modules on my webserver: #!

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