Junhyung and hara dating scandal

Not only that but Kyuhyun does say later on in the show say that he actually doesn’t know anything about Hara’s personal life and that he was just joking. - I am a bit skeptical with this question because this scandal is very frustrating for Hara.

She knows what K-netizens are calling her and reads their hurtful comments but other people have brought up the way IU and Nichkhun handled themselves when they were on the show (not only them but there have been other guests who had a more serious scandal than Hara’s and they handled it professionally) and how they too were grilled but kept it calm.

Eunhyuk said something similar to this in 2011 on Happy Together (episode when he and Lee Teuk were on it) basically what I am saying is that it’s an empty threat.

If anything it shows how close you are either someone (you know their secrets basically)It’s nothing serious or to be taken seriously.

They also insisted that Yuri might have gotten plastic surgery (Yoon Se Yoon insisted that Yuri’s face changed from Dancing Queen to I Got A Boy).

After that episode, I started to notice there were two kinds of guests on that shows.

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When I first heard about the Radio Star incident it was just titled as Kyuhyun makes Hara cry.As strange (and perhaps inhuman) as it sounds, the idol-no-dating rule is very common in East Asia, though there’s not many agencies that enforces the regulation as religiously as AKB48.It’s said that she shaved her head on her own accord.I think that Hara/Kyuhyun were used to promote the show/episode. KARA does not deserve the hate they are getting, and I hope it will die-down soon.One last thing is that Radio Star is a great program to clear your scandals, some celebrities who have scandals will choose Radio Star because it’s the best place to explain yourself. Everything is based off of misinterpretations and misunderstands on BOTH international/Korean netizens and I hope everyone takes a second to watch this episode, watch different episodes of Radio Star to get the feel for the show and then form your OWN opinion.

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