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Still, it’s seen as a symbolic step in the opening up of Internet domain names and suffixes, coming on the same day the agency said it would start accepting Chinese script for domain names. The Internet names agency has rejected its application three times since 2000, partly under pressure from Christian groups and governments unhappy with the spread of online porn, said ICM’s chief executive, Stuart Lawley.

He pitches the suffix, in part, as protection for parents, arguing it will make it easy for Web blocking software to filter out “.xxx” sites, marking them clearly as porn.

Porn and adult entertainment sites can now officially register under the domain, the domain's operator, ICM Registry, announced today.Each site will be scanned daily by Mc Afee to prevent the spread of malware.These sites will also offer a Metacert "electronic label" as part of an effort to help parents better block access for their children, ICM said.ICM CEO Stuart Lawley called the new domain a "win, win, win" situation."With all the sites malware scanned daily and properly labeled, it's a win for consumers of adult content who are now able to identify and select the sites they wish to visit more easily and safely," Lawley said in a statement.

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