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She secretly decided to create a account which gained national media attention once it was discovered.

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s_bukley / When you think of celebrities dating, one of the last things to probably cross your mind is the thought of a celebrity using an online dating website to find a partner.However, if you’ve been in tune with the news recently, you’ve probably heard that Martha Stewart is trying her luck at online dating through Since online dating has become the way of the dating world today, it was only a matter of time before celebrities tested the waters as well.Here are 14 celebrities who have tried online dating as a way to find a significant other or just as a way to have some fun. As her profile says, Martha is looking for a man who relishes adventure and new experiences as well as someone who intelligent, established, and curious.WENN In an effort to find love again after being married for 30 years, Martha Stewart recently created a profile on She’s been on two dates so far, but she hasn’t found love just yet.

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