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Meanwhile 1.2 million people watched together during her calf’s incredible entrance the the world, with 14 million joining overall throughout the day.8.45pm BST: April is slowly pacing around her pen, chewing on some cud.Her partner Oliver was sent outside to spend some time in the sun – the two are still living in separate pens.The giraffe must still be tired after her two-hour-long labour on Saturday but has weathered it like a champion.Oliver is wide awake in his portion of the enclosure and is peering over at April.Oliver seems bit more animated than his partner, whose attention lies somewhere off-camera.The little baby giraffe is currently nowhere to be seen.There is a glimmer of hope for fans, as the park has said that plans for future giraffe baby updates will be announced next week.8.30am BST: Animal Adventure Park has shared an adorable picture of April and her calf sharing breakfast.“Baby has quite the personality,” the Park said, and revealed that the top 10 names in its voting contest are (in no particular order): Unity, Patches, Apollo, Patch, Peter, Harpur, Geoffrey, Noah, Ollie and Allysa’s choice – Allysa being April’s lead keeper.6.10pm BST: April is slowly pacing around her pen with Oliver right next to her in his enclosure.The baby giraffe is hiding right now in the corner below the camera – one of his seemingly favourite spots.

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One of April’s followers just tweeted: “In a world divided by religion, politics, & nonsense, we all come together a newborn giraffe try to stand.”5.45pm BST: April and her calf are looking great and the zoo is happy to announce April leg is finally fine again.Watch April and her baby LIVE below, with all the latest updates from Animal Adventure Park.WATCH THE LIVE STREAM BELOW:11.30am BST: Animal Adventure Park has confirmed that April’s giraffe cam will be switched off at 9.30pm BST today.Speaking to fans on the live stream feed, staff said: “Very normal for a giraffe to injure a leg, a slight twist, healing well."pm BST: April and her calf have not only broken hearts around the world – they have also come close to breaking records.The plucky mother managed to become the star of the second most watched livestream ever on You Tube, racking up 232 million views and a total of 7.6 billion minutes of live watch time.

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