Live horny guy chatroom for ipods

I know that nightclubs and bars aren't the best place to meet people but there are so many other places to meet in person that the internet should only be left for life's losers... ) This is great advice for people who live and/or work in the inner city.If you live in the suburbs on the other hand it's pretty useless.

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It's just not attractive, especially when the people are drunk, try to feel someone up and make a frickin sleazy bum and idiot out of themselves? I used to chat a lot online (Sad, I know but I don't care!

You have it good because you work for a major media company.

Therefore every day of your life you have a reason to dress up nicely and go into the city, where there are lots of interesting people to talk to.

The place where I would least expect to make a date, it is amazing. I cant remeber how it started but there was conversation and connection. Damned if I'd swoon with fear or shock if a guy spoke to me in the street.

In fact, I say g'day to everybody I meet...began as an attempt to overcome shyness, but it's become a habit.

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