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Bonus points if your uniforms or team colors are orange. While names like “Cardinals” or “Blue Jays” are common, there are more than enough birds out there to pick something unique.

“The Carolina Kingfishers” or “The Pittsburgh Puffins” have a nice ring to them. Argonauts – Mythology-based names are always great.

Food – Hey, it might not be the most intimidating name, but you can just about guarantee everyone will remember “The Beaumont Biscuits.” Don’t go too crazy with it though, you might get banned from some tournaments when the officials see your team named “The Cereal Killers.” And there you go – plenty of youth baseball team names to choose from!

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They may have defeated the Nashville Predators on the Stanley Cup Finals, plus they are one of the best teams in the league. Boston Bruins The Boston Bruins are a professional ice hockey team based in Boston, Massachusetts.

Nuggets – Sure, there’s a basketball team with this name in Denver, but it’s a great name for a youth team, especially a young one.

Who wouldn’t appreciate a bunch of tee-ball players running around with “Nuggets” emblazoned on their uniforms? Crush – “Crush” is a term used often in baseball, and in our opinion, it works great as a team name.

Chicago Cubs The Chicago Cubs are an American professional baseball team based in Chicago, Illinois. - Gametheorysucks Boston Red Sox The Boston Red Sox are an American professional baseball team based in Boston, Massachusetts, that competes in Major League Baseball.

The Cubs compete in Major League Baseball as a member club of the National League Central division. Only thing to fear are obnoxious fans - Gametheorysucks Detroit Lions The Detroit Lions are a professional American football team based in Detroit, Michigan.

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