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It’s like radar—maybe it’s an innate and unconscious evolutionary trait developed to protect the family from dissolution.But the bottom line is that the cheater never fully gets what he wants—a clean getaway—because infidelity is nearly always discovered eventually, and when that happens it inevitably comes with devastatingly painful consequences.One important recent study found that the wives of men who’ve discovered a pattern of infidelity in their partners often experience acute stress symptoms similar to those found in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).Unsurprisingly, the emotional damage caused by infidelity can be difficult to overcome, even with the help of an experienced marriage or couples counselor. For some wives and spouses, however, the repeated violation of trust is too much; they are unable to experience the necessary emotional safety required to rebuild a relationship and move on.For us it was a release of tension and sexual frustration.I think it was less a matter of redoubling efforts at home than being better able to make a normal effort.(The highly misogynistic nature of a few of the comments suggests that at least a few male readers were I’d leave the men alone.) But now that blog is here. Men are somewhat different than women when it comes to cheating, and a lot of that difference arises from the fact that men tend to define infidelity rather loosely.Keep in mind this famous statement: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” More generally, most men would say that utilizing porn as a sexual outlet while in a primary, committed relationship is not cheating. What if the person you’re sexting with doesn’t live anywhere near you and there’s no chance you’ll ever meet up in person? While you’re video chatting, does it matter if your or the other person’s clothes are off?

To the more determined (read: unempathic or self-focused), I sometimes suggest that it can be fine to be sexual outside of their primary, committed relationship, to chat up old girlfriends on Facebook, hire prostitutes, see strippers, hook up for sex via dating sites and “friend finder” apps, and look at porn for hours at a time—no lying, no double-life, and no keeping secrets from his primary partner.It’s the ongoing pattern of secrets and lies that surrounds the cheating that causes a loving partner the most pain. And most cheated-on partners will agree that their feelings of being betrayed are just as profound when a loved one is giving himself away online as when there is a live, in-vivo affair.Sadly, most men (and women) who choose to break a vow of monogamy to an intimate partner don’t realize the profound effects their behavior can have on that loved one.In their opinion, they to spread their seed and propagate the race because, apparently, they (and they alone) sit atop the Darwinian sexual food chain.I hear this and similar excuses constantly in my practice.

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