Dating sites like vampire freaks

If you’ve been online for any length of time, you already know about the internet’s love affair with bacon.

Shirts, keychains and even scented candles have all tried to capture the essence that is baconly love – but few products do it as exquisitely as Bakon Vodka.

Premium users can also search for members by specifics (age, gender, location). Featuring such morbid bouquets as the “Morticia” and the “Bad Lay”, a bouquet of dirty rotten flowers is a gift they won’t soon forget.For less practical uses, it seems kids love them, as do office workers for the yearly “white elephant” Christmas party.As much as the old business advice tells you to find a market and What do you get when you combine safety-pin arm warmers, zombies, zippers and skeletons?Even Conan O’Brien got on the bacon-loving bandwagon back in 2009 by announcing “A Seattle company is making bacon-flavored vodka…the hardest part of making it?Getting the pig drunk.” Unless you’re selling the sweet confection, few businesses can be built around gum…

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