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All five of these parts are designed to work together in harmony.In our search for intimacy we want the solution today, or yesterday. It is easier to be physically intimate with someone than to be intimate in any of the other four areas.Marshall Hodge wrote a book called In it he says, "We long for moments of expressions of love, closeness and tenderness, but frequently, at the critical point, we often draw back. We are afraid of love." Later in the same book Hodge states, "The closer you come to somebody, the greater potential there is for pain." It is the fear of pain that often drives us away from finding true intimacy. But that same wall which keeps people out, keeps us stuck inside. Loneliness sets in and true intimacy and love become impossible.I was giving a series of lectures at a university in southern Illinois. Love is more than emotions, and it is much more than a good feeling.Can you imagine a relationship with this kind of love? As God, He is alive today and wants to put His love in your heart.God simply tells us that His forgiveness and love is ours for the asking. But if we refuse the gift, we are the ones who cut ourselves off from finding true fulfillment, true intimacy and true purpose in life. All we have to do is respond in faith and commitment. Once you accept Him, you will be amazed at what He can do in your life and in your relationships.On campuses all across America I see men and women searching for intimacy, going from one relationship to another hoping, "This time will be it.This time I am going to find a relationship that will last." I believe that what we really want is not sex. Today, the word intimacy has taken on sexual connotations. It includes all the different dimensions of our lives -- yes, the physical, but also the social, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects as well. And haven't we all had the desire at one time or another for closeness, for oneness, for sharing our life with someone totally? I don't want to hear those things." We build walls around our hearts to protect us from anyone on the outside getting in to hurt us.

The sexual relationship does not satisfy us anymore, and what we end up with is not what we really wanted in the first place.You'll notice that this kind of love is "other-person" focused. God, who knows you, who knows everything about you, loves you perfectly.God tells us through the ancient prophet, Jeremiah, "I have loved you with an everlasting love; and I have drawn you unto Myself" (Jeremiah 31:3). God loved us so much that He allowed for Jesus Christ to be crucified (an ancient form of execution) for our sins so that we might be made clean.But God's love is not based on our physical appearance or who or what we are.As you can see, God's view of love is totally different from what society tells us love is.

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