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[Read: Dissecting BEC schemes] In the past month or so, reports show that BEC schemes do not simply rest on direct monetary pursuits.Especially during tax season, cybercriminals behind BEC schemes go for irreplaceable personal data that are of high value either as items sold in the cybercriminal underground or as ingredients for staging further attacks, like tax or IRS fraud.Kathy’s son, Dave knew about the ruse and told the story to the FBI. Kathy still believes that Fred, the love of her life, is real, when in fact, he is what's known as a "catfish".

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A few sweet words and a promise of marriage after, Fred lured Kathy into wiring over ,000 of her savings to an account in Malaysia.Not long after, his foray into allowed him to sift through possible wives-to-be.In a short span of time, this online quest led him to what he believed to be a romance scammer.Apart from BEC schemes highlighted by the FBI in the conference, Bowdich also reiterated on the rampancy of scammers found in online dating sites.This isn’t necessarily new or advanced, but toying with the emotions of victims continues to be an effective strategy for cybercriminals.

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