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Over 40% of poll respondents identified Black, Hispanic and Middle Eastern as groups of which their parents would disapprove.Senior Stanley Li explains, “Considering our parents are from a previous generation, they’re more conservative in their views.” Junior Elina Niyazov commented that her parents’ disapproval of certain races “is something so obvious that they don’t need to say it.” When certain members of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) were asked if they cared to comment, few said that they would disapprove of their children being in an interracial couple.It takes work to understand what each other's values are and how to integrate and respect them.

Some teens fear that going against their parents’ ideal preferences would risk their filial relationship.

That being said, stereotypes are only stereotypes if we continue to encourage them.

So let's just eat this cake of smiles and rainbows and be happy.

In some households, parents do not give their children the opportunity to use their best judgement in selecting a partner.

Junior Javaria Sarwar simply said, “My parents would disown me.” With the inevitability of family affecting student outlooks on interracial dating, there are nonetheless a number of interracial couples among the student body.

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