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Over the years Portland has come to prize itself as one of the most liberal cities in America.You can smoke weed, marry a person of the same gender, have a beer at the movie theater, and pay for a cuddle all in the same day.Given its historical limitations, the naked bike ride in Portland has been an overwhelmingly white activity by proxy, not intentionally, but no doubt as a consequence of historical and structural racism.White people nowadays didn’t have a direct hand in that legislation or history but should consider taking a moment to recognize how and why Portland is so white.In 2004 Portland activists picked up the naked bike ride protest model to join in the protest of dependence on blood-oil and the US conflict in Iraq.There is no doubt that the visual mass of naked bodies on the roadway was an effective and shocking method for promoting a political message in a normally clothing-conservative United States.

In recent years it has even been informally facilitated by the Portland Police.

In one instance, he allegedly sent explicit images to the victim’s family and friends to shame him.

Using his IP address, authorities were able to track down Jones, who is from Glenolden, Pennsylvania.

His so-called “Haley” guise was a real girl whose identity he stole using photos from Tumblr.

“They believed that they were receiving naked pictures of a teenage girl and so they were responding to Haley thinking that it was a teenage girl that was interested in them.

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