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And although Airbnb has a billion valuation and handles more than 600,000 temporary rentals worldwide, it's still a startup whose customer service sometimes seems to lag.

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After staying at her home for 30 days, the client suddenly stopped paying.Similar issues can arise with any tenants, of course, whether they book through Airbnb or find a place through the classifieds."Our initial response to this inquiry didn't meet the standards we set for ourselves and we've apologized to this host," said Airbnb spokesman Nick Papas in a statement.The texts threatened to press charges for "blackmail and damages caused by your negligence and malicious misconduct, including ,800 PID Espresso machine as well as medical bills for my brother's hospital visit after he got sick here drinking unfiltered tap water." Tschogl realized that she couldn't legally cut off the electricity, although her So Cal Edison account showed daily usage was triple to quadruple normal.Her father went by the unit several times and photographed it with the sliding glass doors and windows wide open, presumably while the air conditioning was going full blast to combat the 114-degree heat.

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