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These days the NRC works hand in hand with Homeland Security and also staffs an around-the-clock operations center with direct, secure connections to the Federal Aviation Administration and the North American Aerospace Defense Command, and a dozen other agencies.

The nuclear power plants are armed to the teeth, guarded by a growing private army that has doubled in size to 9,500 since 9/11.

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A plant's guards, armed with laser weapons, are pitted against similarly armed professional paramilitary squads.

Most members of the teams have military backgrounds.

"Jesse James said he robbed banks because that was where the money was.

The three-year force-on-force war games are anything but play.They must defend the reactor against a highly trained paramilitary team every three years in mock attacks that always occur during the night.Security expert Johnathan Tal, president of Tal Global, a San Jose-based international security and risk management firm with thousands of corporate clients, said terrorist interest in nuclear facilities is very real and ongoing.A woman tells the Washington Post that Moore called her out of a high school math class 40 years ago to ask her on a date. As the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the Pentagon and the Twin Towers approaches, it is clear to federal authorities that nuclear power plants are high on the target list.

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