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How does Sam having close female friends make him possibly Bi?I have "super close" male and female friends who are gay." He was obviously saying "who knows"Sam's gay from space,but let's not create stuff that isn't there.That's no better than the creepy shippers Bringing Lady Goodman's comments from the previous threads because they're very interesting.- helps you find the right local businesses to meet your specific needs.Search results are sorted by a combination of factors to give you a set of choices in response to your search criteria.Sam also brought Luke to the Outlander premiere and several private parties.

I'm just happy that the social media bearding w MM seems to have tapered off quite a bit.

Shame that it does You're obviously straight and yeah, it's a shame that we gays are defined by our sexuality and that Hollywood plays a huge part in perpetuating the limiting stereotypes and discriminatory practices that keep it this way. I fervently wish that what the poster in Comment 19 said might be true - that is, that the current level of commentary on DL and other thoughtful SM sites has led to a decrease in bearding behavior and Shamzie support.

Unfortunately, we won't have an idea until a week or so into the future, as the SA filming is said to wrap in about a week's time.

Her cousin went to the RCS with Sam:[quote]"I started watching Outlander last year and commented on Facebook how much I enjoyed it. Bit of a risk this Late in the game."I'm at risk of being called a troll again because posting is outwith " Scottish time zones " but here I am again , seen a few comments here and there about Sam and G/F types, behaviour.

My cousin private messaged me and was like "I went to RCS with Heughan,remember? " Couldn't he find someone in Scotland " well he has and does have very close female friends in Glasgow I've seen him with them .

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