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The most popular of all the dating apps, 2017 has seen the numbers of Tinder’s paid users rocketing, with 476,000 singletons subscribing for premium access – and the year isn’t even over yet.

He said, ‘Until now, Tinder has basically been a swiping machine – it’s effective and simple but ultimately limited.’ The introduction of Tinder’s AI-assisted dating function is being kept firmly under wraps but it has got everyone talking.Black men also realize they’ve made it to a new level of intimacy when we pull out that scarf that keeps things fresh. Black men share our long and deep history of pride, pain and progress.We share common knowledge on when it’s appropriate to whip out the race card, and when to look in the mirror.Whispering to us during a movie, savoring a bite during dinner, or even a flashing a little frown can have us thinking some heated thoughts. When street smarts meet book smarts and common sense, that’s real education.We don’t mind if a Black man takes another woman’s call in front of us, as long as it ends with “Love you too, mama.” The way a man treats his mother is definitely a sign on how he views women, and Black men have a sweet spot when it comes to their moms. No one can wear their hat cocked to the side just so like a Black man can.

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    We want you to start getting laid by the sexiest singles that want exactly what you want.

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    Tinder is the original swiping app and has more downloads than any other dating app – over 100 million.