Updating nvidia drivers debian css keeps validating

value is ff then the GPU is off, if the value is 00 then the GPU is on.To avoid auto load of nouveau and related modules after every reboot, they should be blacklisted.I don't know very well the reason, also because I don't have so much time to investigate, I just know that by reinstalling the nvidia drivers the things get back working.Since this is a procedure that I found myself doing quite often I decided to write it on my blog so I won't forget next time I need to do it :-).Just create a file with your favorite text editor named under the Just enter the root password and you are done.The bbswitch module is loaded automatically at every power up and turns off the discrete nvidia optimus GPU, no need to load it manually.Other drivers don't need this config file anymore so it has to be created.Also the installation of the driver ends with the message that the nouveau driver is still active and the easiest solution is to just reboot, without this step you'll end up with system without a graphical interface.

Install the proprietary Nvidia driver - for installing the driver, a little helper program to make it work and the nvidia configuration tool, open up a terminal and copy/paste the following:sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx nvidia-settings nvidia-xconfig - THIS STEP IS CRITICAL: after the installation is finished execute the following command: - nvidia-xconfig creates a file that tells the kernel which driver to use.

Then installing the latest driver can be a good option especially is you need latest features such as Open GL 4.2 or just to support latest cards like the Ge Force GTX 560 Ti 448 cores.

Every time I update my Ubuntu machine compiz stops working.

Lets install bbswitch and related components to compile it.

Installing bbswitch with dkms will automatically compile proper kernel module after any future kernel update.

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