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Greg House and Reilly Mc Grath have been best friends since birth.

How long will it take both of them to realize they are soul mates? Pain, he had lived with it for many years now, it wasn’t new to him, he was always in pain.

Any dialogue from House belongs to its writers, David Shore, and NBC Universal. I just needed to borrow it to keep this as close to canon as possible. But this, this was new one he had never quite felt the excruciating agony that was engulfing his body, and his mind.

He wasn’t ready, to hell with that when was anyone ready for this.

Lisa Edelstein, aktorka i dramatopisarka, urodziła się 21 maja 1966 roku w Bostonie.

Jest najmłodsza z trójki dzieci Alvina i Bonnie Edelsteinów.

Chow Down” and episode #203, “Rule #8: Timing Is Everything,” the latter which she wrote with creator and executive producer Marti Noxon. After a seven-season run, she has since transitioned into memorable arcs on “The Good Wife,” “House of Lies,” and “Castle,” as well as guest starred on “Elementary” and “Scandal.” No stranger to fearless roles, Edelstein has portrayed Rob Lowe’s call-girl girlfriend on “The West Wing,” the transsexual boyfriend of James Le Gros on “Ally Mc Beal,” David Conrad’s lesbian sister on “Relativity,” and an Orthodox Jew losing custody of her child on “Family Law.” Additional television credits include her series regular role on “Leap of Faith” and guest turns on “Seinfeld,” “The Practice,” “Without A Trace,” “Frasier,” “Felicity,” and “ER” to name a few.

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But what starts as a routine expedition quickly goes bad when a member of Torchwood comes down with a mysterious illness.

Edelstein resides in Los Angeles in a century old home with her husband, artist Robert Russell, two step-sons, and several rescue dogs.

She volunteers her time with a variety of charitable organizations including Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, The Anti-Defamation League, Planned Parenthood and The Center for Reproductive Rights.

They are the only race in the galaxy with the medical expertise to cure Gwen of her terminal illness, after all.

In the meantime there is something much more sinister brewing, with possibly fatal implications for the entire universe.

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