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What I loved the most about the video and the book (and railscasts later on) was that they focused on showing me what I can do with Rails.There weren’t any contrived ”imagine a car" analogies, only real-world examples I could easily turn into a working web app – something I could build upon later in my projects.Let’s take a minute to think about what we’re aiming to build here.We want a reusable piece of code that will allow us to create a blog or any type of content site.As mentioned earlier, we want our CMS to be able to handle just about any type of content.Whether it’s a blog post, photo gallery or a music album, our code should support it out of the box.Last but not least, we need a fancy name for our project. Since we’ve chosen to implement Wellspring as a plugin, we’re going to need 2 Rails projects: one for the CMS engine and other for our main app – a simple blog.This setup complicates the workflow a little bit, as we’ll be moving back and forth between Wellspring and the blog app quite a lot.

= end end end For a simple blog, that’s all we need.But let’s introduce another type of content: a link post.Nevertheless, it’s still the most widely used type of software on the internet – and probably the type of software you’ll find yourself building multiple times during your web development career in one form or another.The real reason, though, is that I wanted to build a simple CMS for my own needs and decided it might be a good idea to describe the process here.

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