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In this example, an investor taking only moderate risks in the market could get by with just .1 million and still have a 90% chance of making it to 90 without having to curb spending in the golden years, according to Vanguard’s simple retirement nest egg calculator. If you can live on just ,000, you’d just need 0,000 to quit at 40 and live until 90 in probable financial security.The calculator below will give you a rough estimate of how much you need—the default return of 2.5 percentage points over the inflation rate is a good starting place, based on a portfolio that’s more conservative than a 50/50 bond/stock mix, which is already a fairly conservative approach.The phrase seemed to gain traction after that, at least in certain circles, according to Google’s Ngram Viewer.

The term pops up often in popular culture—for example, memorably employed by the actor John Goodman in the 2014 film For many people, f–k you money is the essence of success.

Quitting work at a younger age, however, means a longer retirement, and the traditional rules for a 25-year cookie-cutter retirement may not apply.

(Even for 65-year-old retirees, there’s considerable doubt as to whether it’s actually a safe rule.

Wilson, like Johnny Carson, pegs its origin to showbiz and names perhaps the earliest adopter as none other than comedian Red Buttons. Froug mentions his colleague Walter Newman’s belief that “keeping his overhead to a minimum gains him the freedom that every writer the world over longs for.

In Hollywood it’s officially known as ‘F–k-You’ Money.” Though the phrase must have caught on quickly, it never achieved mainstream recognition. Browne’s novel 11 Harrowhouse pegged it to a specific sum: 0,000 in a Swiss bank account.

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