Liquidating the collection of a bankrupt jeweler

This includes common things such as real estate, vehicles, money in bank accounts, clothing, jewelry, as well as the rights to receive things like loan repayments, potential claims (right to sue) against someone, interests in corporations/partnerships, etc.

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When one files a bankruptcy case, an estate is created and it consists of, among other things, any and all assets owned by, or to which the debtor filing the bankruptcy case has a right to or interest in.To find out which exemptions are available to you, see the articles in our Bankruptcy Exemptions area.Some states provide an exemption up to a certain dollar amount for jewelry.Now suddenly her bankruptcy trustee has stepped back in and demanded certain payments owed from her ex-husband pursuant to a divorce settlement be paid to the Trustee. Two years after she made that agreement, she filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case.She received her discharge a few months later, and thought everything was finished.

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