Be a mysterious woman dating

No, because he's a human being and it means his body is working properly.Here are some reasons guys love the thrill of the chase: At first glance, chasing does not seem like a lazy activity.One that I know A LOT of Pick Up Artist types condone for some silly reason.As a woman, I know these stupid things DO NOT work and, in fact, infuriate hot, awesome women. Here is the email I got so you can read for yourself what this guy was doing.My friend had brought him over and he used this “tactic” on me.I was trying to get to know him and I kept asking what do you do for a living…

I've always felt like going overboard with this kind of thing kills a level of mystery that's essential in a relationship, no matter who's doing it.

A lot of the male PUA teachers advocate such things as teasing, C&F ball busting, never giving a direct answer to a question etc. I understand that being a little “mysterious” is attractive, but have also experienced first-hand women becoming quite hostile with this at their perceived lack of genuineness from you.

I recently experienced this first hand with a young woman I was chatting with on FB. And women LOVE LOVE LOVE teasing, if done correctly.

It signals to the woman that you are hiding something and that you don’t really want to connect with her.

I’m not saying that you have to forthcoming about every question a woman asks you because I know some questions we ask can be a little much BUT answer some questions and don’t always try to be playful and mysterious. So if a woman asks you what you do for a living you can start off by saying something like “If I told you, I’d have to kill you…” or “I’m an astronaut” or something playful and you can play on that for a few banters back and forth. The tactic of never answering a woman’s question and always answering it with a question is something that just does not work UNLESS you are using it on an insecure girl.

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