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There was always SOMETHING that kept me from wanting to be particularly serious about him, and I think for the most part he would say the same about me. There's meaning that comes from a relationship and there's meaning that comes with dating around. I don't think it will hinder my ability to be impressed by someone when the time comes, I find the right person, and I'm ready for that.

I considered it a place holder, get to know them, have fun, learn about them and myself, and relationships. I think when I find that person, I will stop thinking about everyone else.

These people meeting through dating programs are often total strangers.

It's not reasonable to expect them to dive straight into a committed relationship.

The butt does not have to get off the couch to arrange a date, so once cannot necessarily expect that the other person puts more effort into it.

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I don't think I'm socially deranged because I multidate, I'm simply a guy hedging my bets.

I've gone from having 3 dates lined up for a weekend only to have them all flake out.

I've had 3 dates happen in a weekend only to not want to see any of them again.

My only advice to other guys or ladies here: you have found your match. GIGS is good for talking vacations and different countries. The difference between your mother's journals and my experience could be the cultural issue I mentioned in my first post.

I was never much guilty of GIGS regarding dating, as I am a man with limited options. Back when I was dating in the early 80's only those with dubious morals would see more than one person at a time. Mind you, we didn't really date complete strangers.

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