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The reverence for the sword among the Iranians surfaces distinctly in Manouchehr Khorasani’s work and as mentioned in the foreword by executive editor Richard Dellar, an expert in the histotry of Europoean military swords, “They were considered heirlooms and passed down from generation to generation.Often bejeweled and with their ivory handles and precious metal fittings, these swords are works of art in themselves....

“The Sassanian cataphracts, armed with lances, mounted their horses and were as stable sitting in their saddles as if they had been chained there.Skill in archery, regarded as one of the most important attributes along with horsemanship, was required of both sexes of the upper classes. Since the sun give light and heat and provides food, the ancient Zarathushtis called a person. “One of the roles of the sun was to purify, and another role was to serve as the symbol of the Iranian kingdom and ist power.” The image of the sun adorned the Kig’s crown as also some helmets, armor and steel shields.The term Tir has ist origin in where there is reference to Tighra, the Zarathushti deity who is the guardian of the rain.“Iran has always managed to significantly “Iranify” ist conquerors and its neighbors..a strong linguistic and cultural tradition that tends to assimilate and enculturate invading and neighboring groups with ease so that today’s foreign conqueror ends up being tomorrow’s proud native.Indeed the influence of Iranian culture on the world in the fields of artistic expression and military development has been both enormous and difficult to quantify precisely,” writes another editor John Cocksey, a specialist and scholar on acient Iranian history and Zarathushti religion.

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