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With sensors that start the machine upon your approach, LED backlighting, and cartoon vinyl artwork of his family, it’s easy to see why this is a firm favourite.Retro Pie, for the few who are unfamiliar, allows users to play retro video games on their Raspberry Pi or PC.From Alex Kidd to Ecco the Dolphin, Streets of Rage 2 to Cool Spot, nostalgia junkies can get their fill by flashing the Retro Pie image to their Pi and plugging in their TV and a couple of USB controllers. Alongside the Retro Pie unit, many makers are building incredible cases and modifications to make their creation stand out from the rest.Chase Lambeth used an old Burger King toy and Pi Zero to create one of the smallest Retro Pie Gameboys around… What better way to play a retro game than via a retro game console?And while I don’t condone pulling apart a working NES or Mega Drive, there’s no harm in cannibalising a deceased unit for the greater good, or using one of many 3D-printable designs to recreate a classic.

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