Dating your pregnancy after miscarriage

Once you become pregnant again after miscarriage, you'll likely feel joyful — as well as anxious and scared.

You might be hesitant to share your good news until later in your pregnancy.

We should be putting the finishing touches on the nursery. My husband should be figuring out how to put a car seat in our vehicle.

If I was still going to a counselor, she’d probably say something about living for the future and moving on from the past.

But if you were into your second trimester, it could take two to three months for your period to return.

The body takes time to recover from a miscarriage if it was farther along in the gestation period.

Though, things may not look that sunny if your menstrual cycle is irregular.

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Talk to your health care provider about any recommendations or restrictions.It usually takes around four to six weeks for your first period to return after miscarriage, and it may take longer to get into a regular cycle.The length depends on how consistent your periods were before the pregnancy.Comparing with other women might be futile and your gynecologist would be the best to consult with.If It is a normal recovery the hormones begin to work within three weeks, and you do not have vaginal bleeding or any other physical symptoms.

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