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While I have purchased Lucky Eggs for this reason, ultimately Lucky Eggs are not worth it. Leveling up fast just means you will have fewer Pokémon when you reach level 20, than someone who leveled naturally, and the more Pokémon you get the more resources you have.

Another thing you probably don’t want to invest in is egg incubators.

easier on my 9 inch i Pad than on my 4 inch i Phone.

What takes often 3 or 4 balls to capture on my phone usually can be done in 1 or 2 on my tablet. *Level 20 is a bit arbitrary and that figure is probably lower right now (15?

My gaming oriented brain says this is the best way to play: capture all the Pokémon you can until level 2o and never power level, save all your resources until you run out of space.

However, like all solo games, there is no “one” way to play, so do what you like.

For the same price as lucky eggs, you can buy incense to draw more Pokémon to yourself.

) as few people have hit level 20 yet, but as the number of level 20s increases so will that arbitrary level you need to hit for higher content.

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Players talk that hatched eggs result in rarer monsters, but from what I have seen that is not true.

Put whatever eggs you get into whatever incubators you get, but don’t put a lot of effort into hatching them.

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