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As an added bonus, sites like Squareup give you a free online store.Selling stuff online has been really helpful for us, and if you’re good at marketing your items from on the road, it’ll be good for you, too. I’ve seen lots of bands with vintage suitcases displaying their stuff.We added 2XL shirts to our inventory at one point and bought far too many of those, too.One way to test out what people will buy is to set up pre-orders for certain designs of tee-shirts on your website and advertise pre-orders to your fans.Lots of venues have overhead that they take out of your ticket sales.

There are plenty of tried-and-true merchandise ideas out there, but our absolute best sellers are always tee shirts and CDs.Although I got a lot of positive feedback from women about our lady’s tee shirts online, our sales on those items were pretty stagnant. We unloaded our men’s tee shirts so quickly we had to re-order, but our lady’s tees clung on forever. ) Figure out the right sizing for your audience, too.In fact, I still have some women’s shirts that I ordered two years ago. When we first ordered tee shirts, we bought too many large shirts and not enough smalls.No big deal, because you sold loads of CDs and t-shirts, right? It gives you an opportunity to connect with your fans after the show when they come to the table looking for something to take home with them.Making and selling merch can be a lot of fun for that reason.

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