Pl sql if inserting updating

If you are prompted to add a database reference, add a reference to your Dynamics GP data server, and then click OK. In the Add New Item window, click SQL Script in the Templates list.Enter a name for your script file, and then click Add./** Declare local variables **/ declare @i Status int, @i Add Code Err State int, @exists tinyint, @O_o Error State int, /** Initialize local variables **/ select @O_i Error State = 0, @i Status = 0, @exists = 0, @O_o Error State = 0, if (@o Err String is NULL) begin select @o Err String = '' end The stored procedures should contain code to verify that the input parameters contain valid data.The following script sample shows how to validate input parameters.-- Creating TRIGGER CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER trg_before_emp_update BEFORE UPDATE OF JOB_EXPERIENCE, LAST_APPLIED_DATE on job_openings FOR EACH ROW DECLARE years_since_last_applied number(5); BEGIN years_since_last_applied := -1; IF(: NEW. He is working in a well reputed MNC as an applications Developer with 5 years of experience.LAST_APPLIED_DATE IS NOT NULL) THEN SELECT MONTHS_BETWEEN(TO_DATE(sysdate,'DD-MON-YYYY'), TO_DATE(: NEW. -- Try to update job_experience less than 3 years UPDATE job_openings SET JOB_EXPERIENCE = 2 where APPLICATION_ID = 1; -- error Error report - ORA-20000: Job experience must be more than or equal to 3 years. TRG_BEFORE_EMP_UPDATE", line 21 ORA-04088: error during execution of trigger 'SYSTEM. CREATE TABLE bank_transactions ( TXN_ID number(10) primary key, TXN_NUMBER varchar2(20), PARTY_NAME varchar2(50), TXN_DATE date, CREATED_BY varchar2(20), CREATED_DATE date ); --Creating bank_transactions_audit table. He have good understanding and knowledge of Java, Database, Spring, Hibernate and exploring other technologies related to Software development.The XML document specifies the name of the SQL stored procedure and contains XML nodes that supply data for the input parameters of the stored procedure.

Hint: The e Connect error reporting system uses this parameter value to retrieve the error message from the ta Error Code table of the the DYNAMICS (system) database.Also notice how each parameter specifies the data type and size for that parameter. Set the default to a value that allows the document to be successfully created or updated in the Dynamics GP database.When you specify input parameters, use the same type and size as the data field in the Dynamics GP database. The parameters also include two output parameters named @O_i Error State and @o Err String.The following script sample shows how the required local variables for the create/update stored procedure are defined and initialized.The sample also shows how the @o Err String parameter is initialized.

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