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I ran into a few frustrating design issues, but overall Ring succeeds in providing an affordable and accessible video peephole that makes receiving packages or answering your door easy, even when you’re not home. My wife and I both work and have extremely busy schedules, which means it’s completely hit or miss—mostly miss—when we have to sign for a delivery or someone is swinging by our house to drop off a borrowed movie.*Writer’s note: This article focuses solely on our experience using the Ring Video Doorbell 720p. So, I was pretty excited when I came across the Ring Video Doorbell at ISC West, and eager to test its functionality and capabilities.Ring exceeds expectations for two-way communication with this device.Ring has a super easy setup process, although there are quite a few more steps than many of the wireless DIY security cameras I’ve tested.What I like most about Ring’s motion detection is the ability to customize the areas you want it to focus on or ignore through selecting “zones.” Motion detection ranges between 5 and 30 feet.You can also select the frequency in which you receive motion activity alerts, so you don’t get bombarded with notifications every time kids ride by on their bikes. Although I like the customization, Ring takes too long to register motion.Here’s a step-by-step slideshow with some helpful tips on how to set up your Ring video doorbell.

The answer depends on how you install your Ring device.

Which means, unless someone is on your front step (because it is motion activated) and actually rings the bell, you can’t check on your home in real-time.

If you want the ability to see live footage, you’ll need to hardwire Ring 720p to your existing doorbell.

This gives you the option to name your Ring device according to its location, so you can manage multiple Ring devices from the same app.

This was the most confusing portion of the setup, which Ring acknowledges because it has a “Confused? You actually have to leave the app, select a separate Wi-Fi network entitled “Ring,” and then relaunch the app to connect wirelessly. Every other DIY wireless camera I’ve installed had a more streamlined process to connect without confusing the consumer.

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