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Her prospective boss seems like she completely brushed off the previous day and is interviewing her like nothing ever happened.

Except she still seems over-focused on Monique's naked toes peeking out of her cast.

In this gallery, she poses with her coat on in front of a white backdrop and then totally nude on the couch. 10/27/17 - One more sexy gallery of Jessica Lynn in her Pink & Blue DLLC.

This makes finding the right outfit for the interviews particularly challenging.

But she crutches in with black leggings and a short boot with a sturdy block heel on her good leg to make it easier to get around on one heel and just hopes her prospective boss won't notice her naked toes with only polish on them to make her exposed foot presentable.

It totally weirded Monique out and she crutched away quickly.

Now the fate of her dream job is in this woman's hands.

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